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Where Can I Leave My Cat While On Vacation?

Where Can I Leave My Cat While On Vacation?

While we often desire to take our cherished kitties with us when we travel, it may not always be possible. Today, the veterinarians in Kennesaw provide several alternatives for where you can leave your cat during your vacation.

Where To Leave Your Cat While on Vacation

We know that finding the right solution for your cat when you're away can be challenging. Do you leave your cat alone at home or consider boarding them at a kennel? Although most cats can handle a night alone, kittens younger than four months and certain cat breeds require companionship, similar to dogs.

Leaving Your Cat At-Home Alone

Earlier, we mentioned that most cats can handle a night alone without much fuss, as long as they have ample food, toys, and water. However, young cats under four months old and certain breeds like sphynx, Scottish folds, and rag dogs thrive with human companionship. For kittens younger than four months, it's best not to leave them alone for more than four hours.

We advise against leaving your cat unattended for more than 24 hours since cats are social animals who rely on your presence for a sense of security and comfort. They count on you to ensure all their needs are met.

Have a Cat Sitter Watch Your Kitty

If you're planning to leave your cat at home while you're on vacation, consider having a cat sitter visit daily to handle tasks such as cleaning the litter box, providing fresh food and water, and spending quality one-on-one playtime with your feline friend.

This approach reduces your cat's stress levels because they remain in their familiar environment, with access to their own litter box and all their usual comforts. It's also a cost-effective choice, particularly if you have multiple cats.

You can have a friend or family member who is already acquainted with your cat take care of them, or you can hire a professional to look after your four-legged companion.

Choosing someone your cat already knows can help ease their anxiety and make them feel more at ease. On the other hand, a professional cat sitter possesses the expertise required to care for your cat properly and ensure all of its needs are met.

When entrusting a cat sitter with your pet, it's essential to provide them with comprehensive information about your cat's behaviors, habits, and requirements, as every cat is unique. Share details like your cat's feeding schedule, specific food quantities, energy levels, and any medication needs. It's advisable to furnish the sitter with a comprehensive care guide for your cat to ensure they can meet all your pet's needs effectively.

Have Your Cat Stay at a Friend's or Relative's

If your cat is comfortable going to another place, you may be able to leave them at a friend's or relative's home.

The benefit of this option is that your kitty will be constantly supervised and given more attention. But, if your friend or family member already has a cat that yours doesn't get along with or if they don't like the person they are staying with, this can backfire and make your cat even more stressed than if they were left by themselves.

If you want to leave your cat at someone else's house, we suggest dropping them off several days before you leave as a trial stay so you can make sure your kitty is getting along alright. If this doesn't work out, you will still have time to find another option for your furry companion.

Additionally, ensure that the person caring for your cat can meet all their needs and is genuinely willing and eager to take on the responsibility. If not, it may be wise to seek out another arrangement.

A Boarding Facility (Kennels)

Lots of boarding facilities and kennels aren't just for dogs. Many also offer services for cats. In addition to this, boarding is probably the best place to leave your cat when you are on vacation.

Boarding facilities should be run by professionals who make sure your cat always has food and water, is supervised at all times, and is getting quality one-on-one time. We highly recommend calling the facility well in advance to book your cat's stay to ensure they have availability for your furry companion.

Cats often experience separation anxiety and stress in unfamiliar surroundings with strangers. To ease your cat's fears, consider bringing their favorite toys, blankets, bed, or a piece of your clothing. A trial stay can help your cat become accustomed to the facility and assess their compatibility.

In addition to this, you should clearly communicate with the facility, to be sure they fully understand all of your cat's needs and that they offer all of the boarding services you and your cat require.

Selecting the right kennel is crucial. Make sure it is well-maintained, quiet, and clean. Check if the facility has a separate boarding area for cats and dogs. Ensure the kennel is spacious enough to keep the litter box separate from food and bedding. Look for features like windows and climate-controlled kennels.

From their perspective, we suggest evaluating the place your cat will be staying in to make sure your kitty will be comfortable and well cared for in your absence.

At North Cobb Animal Hospital, our boarding facility is cat-friendly, and our qualified and compassionate veterinary team will make sure all of your kitty's needs are being met. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about our services and offer trial stays to ensure we are the perfect fit for your feline companion.

The Benefits of Cat Boarding

Below, we have listed the benefits of leaving your cat at a high-quality, professional boarding facility while you are on vacation:

  • You can call them to see how your kitty is doing
  • The staff will notice if your cat is not eating or if they are sick
  • Your cat will be surprised their entire stay
  • The staff can make sure your cat's medications are administered properly and on time
  • Your kitty's kennel will be cleaned daily
  • Good kennels offer calming and relaxing environments for cats
  • Their feeding schedule will be the same as it is at home

Ultimately, you choose where to leave your cat when you're not around. Take your time to consider your options carefully and select the one that best suits both you and your feline companion.

Contact our vets at North Cobb Animal Hospital today if you want to board your cat at our fine boarding facility in Kennesaw.

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